The IPOA Academy takes pride in providing comprehensive training options for law enforcement, military, and civilian professionals. With a diverse range of courses and a team of experienced instructors, we offer over 600 training programs to meet the unique needs of individuals and groups.

Our training formats include in-service, on-the-job, and self-paced options, ensuring that officers can conveniently fulfill their annual training requirements.

IPOA command under UNIPOL International University was founded in 2022 through the joint efforts of the American and European governments. The university strives to be a leading institution by offering a wide range of high-quality academic programs across the globe. Its primary goal is to have a long-lasting impact on society by providing students with internationally recognized bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees that adhere to rigorous academic and professional standards.

Quality assurance is a top priority at UNIPOL INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, ensuring students receive an education of the highest calibre. The university's educational programs are designed to incorporate the latest theories and technologies to enrich the learning experience. Additionally, UNIPOL INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY values the relationships it builds with its alumni and is dedicated to maintaining these connections over the long term.


Our mission is to provide a platform objective to create a platform for academic and professional advancement that encourages excellence and innovation. We strive to provide comprehensive and inclusive programs that enable individuals to overcome challenges, realize their full potential, and shape their identities. Our education is designed to inspire students to take an active role in their communities, make meaningful contributions to society, and aspire to create a better world. Our focus is on fostering excellence and innovation in our students and encouraging them to become agents of positive change

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