Legends Society (LEGENDS) is a Non-Profit Organization working on drug abuse besides other thematic areas. Our main focus area was Balochistan province but since 2017 we have expanded our operations in Islamabad and other districts as well.

Baluchistan is a high drug prevalent area due to borders with Iran and Afghanistan making it a prime Drug trade root. To leash the dragon of drugs Legends has been operating a Detoxification Centre under the name and title of Nai Roshni meaning new light, since January 2007 at Quetta having a capacity of 30-40-drug users/time. The facility is fully furnished 24/7 with Qualified staff besides rehabilitation services in terms of skill development is also provided to the clients enabling them to earn their livelihood.

Since detoxification is mainstay of drug free society, so far 1909 DUs have been detoxified in this centre. Similarly a detoxification centre for female drug users is established in Islamabad in January 2017.

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