Yak Bai Yak Foundation is a charitable Non-Profit Organisation, dedicated to serving the people of remote, rural, and inaccessible areas of Tripura. We provide guidance, information as well as organise programmes in the areas of community public health, drug addiction, prevention and treatment, education and career counselling, financial assistance for medical treatments and higher studies. Yak Bai Yak Foundation is registered under the Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013 of India. They are permitted to operate on an all-India basis and hence, their scope of operations can extend across the length and breadth of the whole of India.

Yak Bai Yak Foundation continues to work with utmost devotion and dedication for the physical, emotional, financial and social well being of the people of Tripura, India. They empower the people and communities of Tripura through education, intervention, advocacy, funding, and executing various programmes in the areas of:
a) Community preventive healthcare, Maternal, and Child Health
b) Drug addiction and substance abuse prevention and treatment
c) Mental health awareness and stigma reduction, free mental health services
d) Higher education, jobs and careers for the underprivileged students
e) Financial assistance for tertiary medical care of the poor and deprived patients

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