The World Forum Against Drugs will open at 10 a.m. at the City Conference Centre Norra Latin, Drottninggatan 71 B, Stockholm.

The 2nd World Forum Against Drugs has gathered delegates from 60 countries, including a large number of diplomats. 25 embassies are represented at the Forum, including 10 ambassadors.

The 1st Forum was held in Stockholm in September 2008, initiated by a group of Swedish anti-drug organisations. Based on the response from the 1st Forum a new organization, World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD), was founded in June 2009.

WFAD wants to create a global network for NGOs working against the illicit use of drugs, and stands for a restrictive and balanced drug policy based on the UN Conventions on Drugs.

A major issue for WFAD will be to arrange Forums. Once again, it takes place in Sweden this year, but in the future the Forums will be arranged in other parts of the world.

The three main themes for the Forum this year are:

· New research on cannabis

· Drugs in Sub-Saharan Africa

· Adult drug abuse and its influence on children

The Forum has been made possible with generous financial support from the Ministry of Health in Sweden, the City of Stockholm, and private companies that have sponsored the Forum and Music Against Drugs.

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