Parents Contre la Drogue (P.C.D) is worried about the changes in French drug policy.

Since the 1970s, the French drug policy has been based on the Law on sanitary measures to fight against drug abuse and suppression of smuggling and the illegal use of poisons from December 31st 1970. The 1970’s Act raised drugs as a “social evil”, it blames for the first time in French history the simple use of all substances classified as narcotics without distinction between soft and hard drugs, between private and public, between occasional use, regular or problematic. The law makes no distinction between the various narcotics and applies equally to each of them. In the eyes of the law, there is no difference between cannabis and heroin use, It is the same for traffic. In the early 90s, the harm reduction policy arrived in France. Risk reduction was released on July 21, 1994. This policy is largely delegated to organisations working with harm reduction or self-support. For these organisations, the prohibition and repression are doomed to fail.

The majority of these organisations argue openly in favor of the legalization of cannabis and decriminalization (see the legalization) of all drugs. This can be done thanks to huge subsidies from the government (Ministry of Health, etc.) and local authorities. The amount of grants awarded each year for these organisations represent hundreds of thousands of euros. Thanks to these grants they can create campaigns for the legalization of cannabis and injection rooms, they can invite organisations or people responsible for injection rooms as K9 European conferences in Switzerland or even, as we have seen last, test drugs at taxpayer expense (an organisation of self-support has indeed tested 50 different drugs and made the apology in a journal. This journal is part-financed by the Ministry of Health). The French press, partly composed of libertarian journalists, of course gives them full support.

The new government’s ideology is relying exclusively on these organisations and because of that the entire drug policy will be questioned. Within a few months, several injecting rooms will open in France but it does not have to stop there, we already know that Madam Minister of Health is preparing to authorize the Cannabis therapeutics. Some organisations are already asking for the distribution of heroin. And what comes after that?

Regarding our organisation, we have been fighting for many years for the prevention and especially primary prevention as a primary goal. France has for many years been one of the countries that consume the most cannabis among young people. This is partly due to the fact that there have never been real prevention campaigns in schools. Unlike many countries, parents’ organisations are absolutely not recognized by the state because we reject the message of acceptance of the drug that comes with harm reduction. Because the lack of state recognition, we cannot do prevention work in schools, we do so only in private schools. I personally campaigned for over 20 years for a policy modeled on the Swedish. This policy I made known to parents at conferences and I devoted a whole chapter in my book “Cannabis: Ce que les parents doivent savoir” (eng: Cannabis: What parents need to know).

Parents Contre la Drogue (P.C.D)

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