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The 2020 Annual Congress of World Federation Against Drugs was held in Vienna, Austria on March 1st 2020. 

On the basis on the WFAD’s Ten Year Strategic Plan, which includes placing particular focus on the Convention on The Rights of The Child (Article 33) and the situation for women affected by drug use, the nomination committee suggested a new Board to serve for the coming two-years.

The Congress and Strategic Meeting reports will be uploaded to our website and relevant congress protocalls/documents to be sent via email to all members.

WFAD Welcomes our new Board:
Amy Ronshausen, International President of World Federation Against Drugs
Rogers Kasirye, Vice President representing Africa
Linda Nilsson, Secretary representing Europe
Rima Saade Turk, Board member representing Asia
Iván Alvardo, Board member representing Latin America
Robert DuPont, Board member representing North America
Mike Sabin, representing Oceania 

Diana Vincent, Deputy Board Member representing Asia
Eze Eluchie, Deputy Board Member representing Africa
Boro Goic, Deputy Board Member representing Europe
Sushma D. Taylor, Deputy Board Member representing North America 
Shane Varcoe, Deputy Board Member representing Oceania 

We also welcome our new special advisors: Asia Ashraf, Jo Baxter and Per Johansson. 

The website portal will be updated accordingly. 

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