Potorado pot bu$ine$$e$ are obviously trying to make their bu$ine$$ look cultural by sponsoring a series of concerts with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. The pot concerts will start May 23 with three bring-your-own marijuana events. “We see ourselves as connecting classical music with all of Colorado,” said CSO executive director Jerry Kern, quoted by local media. “Part of our goal is to bring in a younger audience and a more diverse audience, and I would suggest that the patrons of the cannabis industry are both younger and more diverse than the patrons of the symphony orchestra.” The hullaballo will take place at the Space Gallery which will give potheads the opportunity to get high on marijuana, music and art. Gourmet food and wine and beer, will be available for $75 a person. The gallery will have a smoking lounge on its enclosed patio, and the shows are open to those 21 and older. Innovation? No, mental and cultural stagnation.

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