Another “former man”, 94-year-old Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, thinks the federal government should legalize marijuana. He would probably fit in with the other “former” executives making up most of the notorious Global Commission on Drug Policy. Stevens’ argument is that public opinion has changed on the issue, AP reports. Well, well Stevens. This is a red herring. As a matter of fact strong financial interests, lobbying, production of pseudo science, ads, and tons of pro-pot performances, spearheaded the effort to drug more people in the U.S. This has nothing to do with “a change of public opinion”. It is the result of massive pro-pot propaganda. George Soros is an “excellent” example. He helped Uruguay to get more people addicted to marijuana by contributing $100 000 to the campaign to legalize marijuana. As if that wouldn´t be enough, Hannah Hetzer from the pro-drug organization Drug policy Alliance spent several months in Uruguay to lobby for legalization of pot. On top of that pro-pot proponents from Washington State and Colorado were flown into Uruguay to help promote legalization. That´s how you manipulate “public opinion”.

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