Stockholm, September 1, 2010

Comment from World Fedration Against Drugs, WFAD, about the appointment of Ambassador Yuri Viktorovich Fedotov, as Executive Director of UNODC.

WFAD congratulates Mr Fedotov to his new post. It is an assignment of uttermost importance to the world and the welfare of mankind. The problem of illicit drug use affects more or less every corner of the world today.

Although the international cooperation on drug control has held back the problem we cannot be satisfied with the situation. Much too many people suffer direclty or indirectly from the effect of illicit drug use. The latter is especially true when it comes to children.

Some organisations advocate a shift in drug policy that would downgrade the control mechanisms on an internaional scale, which they say would enhance drug treatment. WFAD sees this as a false conflict. Experience from many places and countries show that the criminal justice system can very well be coordinted with providing treatment to drug addicts.

WFAD encourages Mr Fedotov to stand firm on the issue of living up to the high standards of the UN Conventions on drugs. They constitute the platform for the work against illicit drug use on which effective practical work has to be build that serves the health and welfare of mankind.

WFAD looks forward to learning from Mr Fedotov how he will lead UNODC and organize its work. We once again congratulate him to his appointment.

Per Johansson
Secretary of the Board
World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD)
Ragvaldsgatan 14
SE-11846 Stockholm
Phone: +46 8643 0467
Cell: +46 70830 1789

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