To my colleagues and Friends:

It is no small achievement that we have come together in Stockholm this week. For those of us who are here, and for those who support us at home and in other nations, our gathering is an important signal to the world that there is a strong international movement of non-governmental organization (NGOs) that is confronting the worldwide epidemic of illegal drug use.

The Institute for Behavior and Health, Inc (IBH) is an NGO located in the USA. We strongly support an international drug policy that balances law enforcement (supply reduction) with prevention and treatment (demand reduction). We believe that keeping drugs illegal is an important, and largely websites, successful, public health strategy, though we are not satisfied with current drug policies. There are many ways they can be improved. However, there can be no doubt that “medical” marijuana and drug “legalization” are not among the constructive changes in drug policy. Rather these and all of the related “harm reduction” ideas increase drug use, with resulting adverse effects on both public health and public safety.

At the 2012 WFAD Forum we are focusing on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), especially Article 33, which establishes the human rights goal for all nations of protecting children from drug use and drug trafficking. This is the only UN human rights treaty that deals with drug use. It is a strong statement of the “drug-free” goals that we share. This treaty gives important new support to all of our prevention efforts because most drug use begins prior to adulthood and because the adolescent brain is uniquely vulnerable to the biological seduction of drug use.

I invite you to visit our IBH websites ( – – – They contain useful information about many of the controversies in drug abuse policy.

Everything IBH does supports WFAD.Working together we can lead the world to better drug policies.

Robert L. DuPont, M.D.
Institute for Behavior and Health, Inc.

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