On the 1st-3rd of October the Somali Anti drug misuse act (SADMA), member organisation of WFAD, in Cooperation with the Swed University, Civil Society Network on Substance and Drug Abuse organized the second drug awareness program on Drugs and Substance Abuse Prevention in Somalia with the theme: ‘Drugs and substance abuse’

The objectives of the meeting was to increase the awareness on
a. The effects of drugs in human health
b. How the drug is influenced on the studies process
c. Which systems are effected by drugs
d. How the medicine and indicators participate drugs

Alinoor Adan, the deputy director of Somali Anti Drug Misuse Act, spoke about objectives of the program. Alinoor Adan provided a short history of the World Federation against Drugs and the meaning of WFAD, time of establishment, vision and principles. Furthermore, he spoke about drugs, general information and its effects. Mentioning that substance abuse and drug dependency are problems of significant proportions in our society today. They are the leading cause of preventable illness, disability and death in Somalia. 

Alcohol/chemical dependencey is a disease that affects not only individuals but every component of the family, the workplace and the community. Chemical abuse not only includes alcohol and illegal drugs, but also prescription drugs such as tranquilizers, pain medications, sleeping pills, etc. 

Read the full report here.

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