Drug Fight Malawi – Outreach Campaigns Against Drug Abuse in Various Schools in Malawi

In commemoration for the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, conducted by the United Nations on June 26th annually, Drug Fight Malawi embarked on outreach campaigns against drug abuse in various schools in Malawi. 

The aim is to spread awareness about the dangers of drug abuse to secondary school children, who are the most vulnerable. 

So far the intervention has been conducted in 4 secondary schools within the City of Lilongwe where we have interacted with close to 2,000 students. Some questions from the students indicate that the problem of abusing drugs by our school going children is big and there is a need to reach out to more schools in the country for awareness in these institutions so that we rescue those who have not started. We have interacted with some students asking about how one could stop abusing drugs when she/he is already addicted.  Our response for such a question was for one to abstain from using drugs and this attracted a quick reaction from students saying it is hard to stop just like that. Such conversation indicated that many of the students are fond of using drugs. 

Drug Fight Malawi  has managed to visit schools within the City of Lilongwe on a voluntary basis since the project has no financial support and foresees a challenge of reaching out to schools in far away areas. It is in this view that we call upon any interested partner for a donation that can reach us through WFAD.

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