As part of the three-year project ‘Sober Youth-Healthier Communities: Transforming Violent Youth in Kinshasa’ funded by Swedish Cooperation through the Swedish Embassy in the DRC, WFAD-DRC visited on Monday, February 22, 2021, the water well including the water supply mini-network under construction in Bagata neighbourhood in the Makala municipality. This water supply mini network and the public standpipes which are being set up will be supplying water to more or less 40,000 inhabitants of the Bagata and Mabulu neighbourhood in Makala or nearly 6,000 households.

This Monday, February 22nd, 2021, the entire team of the World Federation Against Drugs, WFAD-DRC, carried out a field visit in the municipality of Makala to realize the progress made by the implementing partner NGO, Dynamique Actions For Solidarity and Development, DASOD an acronym. This visit comes within the framework of the follow-up of actions carried out for the materialization of the “Sober Youth-Healthier Communities: Transforming Violent Youth in Kinshasa” project.

The three-year project has entered the operational stage since the beginning of the year 2021 after the launch in December 2020 in the presence of HE the Minister of Social Affairs, Ms Rose BOYATA and the Deputy Head of Mission & Head of Cooperation of the Swedish Embassy in the DRC, Mr Joachim BEIJMO. In this operational stage, the young people commonly called ‘Kulunas’ identified, are recruited to follow coaching sessions and psychosocial support to be subsequently empowered through the waste management program as well as the production and sale of drinking water program.

During this field visit, the WFAD-RDC team was able to see the progress made regarding the construction of the water well with the water supply mini-network carried out by the partner DASOD. This is grounds for satisfaction for the entire delegation of WFAD-DRC that appreciated all the efforts made by the partner to contribute to the materialization of the project.


For the first time since 2009, the inhabitants of the Bagata neighbourhood in Makala municipality have seen water running from the taps of the first standpipe under construction with the contribution of young people who have been identified in this part of the city to benefit from this support and emancipation project for the youth. The WFAD-DRC delegation, composed of Mr Dandy YELA, Country Representative, Ms Sarah BITAMAZIRE, Deputy Country Representative, Mr Josué BANDJI, Program Officer, Mr Bonheur EBALA, Officer in charge of Administration and Finance and Mr Kam’s KAYEMBE, Logistician, have been informed and got explanations on the progress of the work. The water supply network test is expected to take place in this last week of February 2021 and construction will be completed by mid-March. DASOD plans to build 3 standpipes and could add two more after testing the water supply network. The standpipes and the water supply min network will be fully operational by the end of March 2021.

The water supply mini network and standpipes brought into service will be supplying water to more or less 40,000 inhabitants, or nearly 6,000 households, including two health centres, one of which is a reference health centre in the Makala municipality.

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