Inter-Actions RDC kicked off the waste management & creation of the youth jobs programme

After the visit carried out on Monday, February 22 in Makala with DASOD, WFAD-RDC Office Team made another field visit this Thursday, February 25th, 2021 to see the effectiveness of the launch of the waste management activities as carried out by the implementing partner Inter-Actions DRC with the help of some young people already identified for the materialisation of the project funded by the Swedish Cooperation. More than 5,000 households in the municipality of Kinshasa have already been identified and have joined this programme additionally to health centres and hospitals, schools, hotels, shops, etc. in the same municipality.

25th February 2021: WFAD-RDC paid a working visit to Inter-Actions RDC, one of the implementing partners of the project “Sober Youth – Healthier Communities: Transforming Violent Youth in Kinshasa”. A working visit culminated in a field round to visualise the materialisation of the waste management programme recently launched by Inter-Actions RDC under this project.

Mr Dandy YELA, WFAD-DRC Country Representative as the head of the delegation was accompanied by Ms Sarah BITAMAZIRE, WFAD-DRC Deputy Country Representative, Mr Josué BANDJI, WFAD-DRC Program Officer, Mr Kam’s KAYEMBE, WFAD-DRC Logistician and Ms Madeleine MATAYO, WFAD-DRC Administrative & Hospitality Assistant.

During the working visit, the implementing partner Inter-Actions RDC, took the opportunity to provide details on the status of waste management activities as planned. Mr Valentin VANGI, the Coordinator Inter-Actions RDC and his team gave lengthy explanations on the effective implementation of the waste management aspect and the youth jobs creation programme after finalising the purchase of equipment and materials such as tricycles, dump truck, garbage bags, garbage cans etc.

The registration activities, as well as the distribution of bags and bins to households and institutions that have subscribed started on 8th February 2021 and to date, more than 5,000 households in the municipality of Kinshasa, are already benefiting from the program through waste collection and disposal by Inter-Actions RDC teams made up of young beneficiaries. To this number must be added schools, health centres and hospitals, hotels, and shops estimated at several thousand. The census of households and other structures still continues and Inter-Actions RDC teams carry on with the registration work to cover all the seven neighbourhoods of the Kinshasa municipality.

Besides, the census and registration process of households and other structures that could benefit from this waste management programme also enabled the NGO Inter-Actions RDC to establish contacts with young people in difficult situations commonly called ‘Kulunas’ and to identify, through a proximity and support approach, their teams called ‘écuries’ – a term commonly designated by the youth to identify the violent group they belong to-  gathering these vulnerable young people to involve them in their care process in order to benefit from the social pathology sessions. Inter-Actions RDC intends to recruit and hire around a hundred young people in this first year of the project and hopes to increase this number progressively within available means.

With the launch of supervision and psychosocial support activities carried out by implementing partners SYFES and LPI as well as the start of those related to waste management carried out by Inter-Actions RDC in the municipality of Kinshasa, and the commissioning of standpipes and the water distribution mini-network in the municipality of Makala, the “Sober Youth – Healthier Communities: Transforming Violent Youth in Kinshasa” project has impressively started up.

At the end of the first year of the project, more than 500 hundred young people in difficult situations otherwise called ‘Kulunas’ – girls and boys – will have benefited from appropriate psychosocial supervision and will thus get jobs thanks to the three-year project called’ Youth Sober Healthy Communities: Transforming Violent Youth in Kinshasa ‘, a project funded by Swedish Cooperation – Sida – through the Swedish Embassy in the DRC.

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