Virtual Exhibition – Acting Through Art

Acting Through Art is a project (2022-2023), funded by the Swedish Institute, that aimed to support state agencies under the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Education responsible for primary and secondary education prevention of vulnerable adolescents through civil society engagement. It seeked to strengthen capacities and showcase concrete examples of possible actions to advance the work with vulnerable youth.

Besides offering capacity-strengthening training, the project also offers psychosocial support as well as vocational training to youth. At the beginning of the project, the art therapy module was revised by a specialist to contextualise it to youth. The revised module, used throughout the implementation period, consisted of 16 sessions of 2 hours per week and focused on various objectives. At the end of the three-month cycle, the groups were encouraged to join cultural activities, such as a visit to a movie or a theatre, and the book reading circle. The cultural event served to raise awareness and act as a component of professional orientation. The choice for the movie, theatre, and/or books had to be made within the group, allowing the youth to express themselves and recognise that their attitudes and arguments matter and might be of interest to the wider group.
The activities aimed to establish preventive personal and environmental factors that otherwise are lacking in the lives of the targeted youth while government staff is offered practical training to increase their capacities.

Honouring the project, which was finalised in January 2024, some of the artwork created by the beneficiaries during the implementation of the project has been shared and can be accessed via the following online exhibition.

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