Learning Outcomes from Portugal

Our member Narkotika Politiskt Center (Drug Policy Centre) has published a very interesting and important report, written by Pierre Andersson, on possible learning outcomes of Portugal. The government carried out its decriminalisation policy in 2001. It has since been used as a positive example in the debate around decriminalisation. The report uses the Portuguese example and compares it with the Swedish situation regarding consumption, mortality, and action. It opens the discussion to reflect on the successes of the Portuguese drug policy. Rather than decriminalisation only, have other factors influenced the positive developments regarding the drop in drug-related mortality rate, HIV cases, and the overall drug use?
The discussion shows that not necessarily decriminalisation itself, but the efforts in accessible treatment and interventions have led to a change within a country that faced high rates of drug use and drug-related HIV and mortality cases.
*The report can be accessed by clicking on the image below*

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