Community Sensitization Campaign by Community Outreach Burundi

On September 8th, our member, Community Outreach Burundi (COB), organised a community awareness activity. The given technical and vocational education and training is a key driven feature in the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development (SDG target 4.4) and the PND 2018-2027 (a Burundi National Development Plan). The Priority of the training was “Youth future skills”, including science education, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Community Outreach Burundi invited other Civil Society Organisations which work in drug and crime prevention, entrepreneurship, and mentorship. A specific emphasis was put on young entrepreneurs and different activities, such as presentations by artists and soccer games, were organised to showcase the satisfying feeling of such activities.

A report, written by CBO, includes an elaboration of all activities and the given speeches


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