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Green Crecent Journal is an international magazine, published annually. The Journal is themed, approaching a single topic from multiple angles and a range of geographies with each issue. As soon as a theme and deadline are known, we open a general call for articles. Upcoming theme descriptions can be found on this page. Subscribed members receive the magazine in print at home, but can also access it online.

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2020 Theme: Prevention and Recovery in Uncertain Times

Deadline to submit: 21 September 2020

In this issue, we will seek to highlight the many faces of resilience in Prevention and Intervention Work at the personal, programmatic and institutional levels, but also the many ways in which Counselling itself, as a professional field and as an overarching trend in Public Health, may need to show resilience in these uncertain times.

Possible article topics for this issue could include, but are not limited to:

  • How did the COVID-19 pandemic effect your Prevention and Recovery Work in your organization, country?
  • If measured, is there any change in subtance use and other risky behaviors during the COVID-19 Outbreak? Please specify.
  • How resilient are our values under pressure? Do crises lead to more solidarity and mutual understanding, or do they expose cracks in our professed values? How can we ensure that we operate according to our principles during a crisis?
  • Has the COVID-19 outbreak (or previous crises) revealed new opportunities or spurred innovation? This might include innovations in digital delivery of teaching and learning activities, new approaches to Prevention and Recovery Programmes?
  • Are NGOs doing enough in relation to growing risks of e-cigarettes, e-vaping?
  • Recovery is possible! The stories of real people who recovered provide hope and inspiration to those affected by alcohol, drugs and other risky behaviors. Please share your recovery stories.
  • Any other article, journal promoting addiction-free, health life for sustainable generations.

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