Earth week – Highlighting the Photovoicing Project

As part of #earthweek, @forumcivearthweek2021 has been highlighting various photographs from the photo voicing exhibition, by or member Celebrate Recovery/Proslavi Oporavak, titled: MY LIFE IN RECOVERY

The Tri Balkan project aims to enable people who use drugs to move from their problematic use of drugs towards a life in recovery as contributing members of society. This exhibition is fully online, to reduce their carbon footprint and use of printed materials, it also encourages all the artists to get in touch with nature as part of their recovery. Visit the online exhibition here

Artist credits: MEDIHA; CECILIA

Sometimes I still need to remind myself of who I am and then I look on the outside for what I need on the inside. Everything that I am is behind what you are looking at. Behind the grayness, the colours, the beauty, behind the thoughts, the prejudices, the feelings you might have. I used to be an observer. And I watched myself change, while others encouraged, loved, accepted me and told me who I am in their eyes. Until I accepted myself

Artist credits: GAZELLE; WARRIOR

I knew that we will never go astray if we follow nature as our guide. And we made it. Successfully! Love has led us to the fruit of our efforts.

Artist credits: DAMIR; NEDŽAD

For a long time the darkness contained my spirit, binding it with false happiness.

Once when my spirit was free from the influence of darkness, the false happiness was washed with a tortured body and sent to flow into the drain with all its filth hiding in the darkness.

When my body and spirit were clean I threw away those old gloves that were covered in the final traces of my filth.

My fists, finally white and clean, could work without fear that they would contaminate all that they touch.

Artist credits: MEDIHA; CECILIA

When I told others about the first photograph, I was proud of myself and the fact that “certain boundaries I no longer cross.” And that is true. That belongs to the past but has left a deep mark on me. A friend then said “but you have crossed the boundary a little bit.” (referring to the white line in the picture).

And I have. But today, I am a different person.

I choose to get out of my comfort zone which can become like a jail. I choose to play in the process of getting to know myself. Because life is waiting for me out there and is calling me to come out from the hiding place.

Artist credits: NEDŽAD; CECILIA

In the beginning I was daily extinguishing mountain fires, which in time subsided and became barbeque fires, and my source of water gradually grew and I will use it for sowing seeds in spring.

Again and again I look in my inner mirror and search for my real face.

And as the leaves change colour throughout the year, my face changes through the seasons of time.

And every wrinkle and every scar tells its own tale. And I need to love them all, that I would be able to love myself.

Artist credits: NEDŽAD

The start is really difficult The future is unclear, we only see her outlines. But we know what we need to do here and now. And if we preserve, the prize awaits.

Artist credits: DAMIR; NEDŽAD; CECILIA

There is one light which pulled me out of the darkness, the light which healed my wounds and removed the bandages from my head wounded by life.

But the light was almost swallowed by darkness while it was showing me the way out with the final flickering ray.

Artist credits: GAZELLE; CECILIA

Transitions and victories are not accompanied with triumphal ceremonies, pomp and confetti. They happen slowly, through small achievements in everyday decision making, through vulnerability and loss, falling and rising again, through two steps forward and one step back, through peeling back the layers and hiding again. And the hope in my heart that one day I will realise that I am a caterpillar who has eventually become a butterfly.

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