Call for Volunteers – Foundation for Legal Aid and Health

Our member, Foundation for Legal Aid and Health, located in Tanzania, is looking for volunteers!

We had a short interview with the Executive Director, Naghenjwa Shaidi, to introduce the organisation and describe the volunteering position.

Description of Organisation
Our organisation is a youth organisation fighting for human rights and struggles of access to health care for marginalised and vulnerable groups, especially for drug users and their networks.
Our Vision is to envisage a community where youth potential is realised or utilised for National development.
Our Mission is to enhance youth well-being through legal aid and health initiatives for sustainable livelihood.

The Call for Volunteers
The volunteers we need are those who are competent in the field of drugs, human rights issues, and those who have the skills to write a proposal in special [target] groups, such as children, women, and orphans. These groups are very vulnerable in society and persecution, including stigma, because it is very easy for them to start using drugs. We also need help to write proposals to help drug users and teach them how to break free from drug use.

Location of Organisation/Work
The headquarters of our organisation is located in Dar es Salaam. In collaboration with a community organisation called YOVARIBE, we have opened branches in four other regions, which are Dodoma, Mwanza, Tanga, and Arusha. We also hope to open a branch in the Morogoro and Mtwara region. Volunteers can decide in which Region they would like to volunteer and what they would like to work on to build our capacity.

Are you close to one of the regions of work? Would you like to volunteer?  Or do you have more questions regarding the volunteering? Do not hesitate to either contact us via or contact Naghenjwa Shaidi, Executive Director, directly via

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