Healthy Thinking Clubs – launch of a boxing club

Healthy Thinking International spent together with the Slum Child Foundation 10 days in Nairobi visiting some of the Healthy Thinking clubs. They got to take part in some activities that the schools are working with when it comes to drug and substance abuse prevention. 55 new Healthy Thinking ambassadors got certifications and Will now spread their knowledge and experience from the manual to their communities and friends.

It was an amazing and successful week where we got to talk to so many children and teenagers about the importance of staying away from drugs.

During the week We also launched A boxing club at one of the Healthy Thinking clubs. This is with the aim of offering meaningful spare time activities for the kids, away from drugs and criminality. They now have a dance club, a poetry club, a football club and a boxing club.

The boxing club is a cooperation between Healthy Thinking International and Majornas boxing club in Gothenburg.

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