Capacity Strengthening Training Seminar on Science of Prevention – Acting Through Art

As part of the “Acting Through Art” project in Georgia, Prevention for Progress and the World Federation Against Drugs (WFDA) organise Capacity Strengthening Training Seminars. The project aims to support the state agencies responsible for the primary and secondary prevention of vulnerable adolescents. Besides providing capacity-strengthening training seminars, art therapy sessions are provided to the final beneficiaries.

The first out of six Capacity Strengthening Training Seminars focused on the Science of Prevention, joined by Giovanna Campello (UNODC), was held on October 12th, 2022. Prevention has seen a 30-year-long revolution in science but has only started to be implemented recently. Yet, prevention is essential in reducing demand and providing a safe developing environment for children and adolescents. Training to become prevention specialists and integrating it into daily practice and policies is essential to enhance the strength of prevention. The presentation included the international guidelines International Standards on Drug Prevention and WHO recommendations on treatment and examples of prevention and treatment projects. After the enhancing presentation by Giovanna Campello, an active and interesting Q&A session took place.

Find the summary here.

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