Our Drug-Free and Community Development Activities – Rural Development & Youth Training Institute, Kota – India

Our active member, Rural Development and Youth Training Institute has organised several activities in the past year. Overall, Rural Development & Youth Training Institute Kota – India is a non-governmental and non–profit registered organisation from the government of India. It is extensively working in the field of community development activities health education, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of drug dependents and alcoholics awareness for prevention. Particularly, for Rural youths, women, and children groups.

Rural development & youth training institute have been working since January 1984 in Kota – Rajasthan – India. They have a team of young, energetic, and hard workers. The majority of the members of the executive/governing body of their organisation belong to rural youth training Experts, including females Experts. They work on the prevention of drug use through counselling and awareness campaigns, community intervention, and advocacy with local CBOs as well as coordination with rehabilitation organisations for effective treatment.

Actvities organised in the past year

The Rural Development and Youth Training Insitute have organised 6 village meetings and workshops in the rural areas of Kota, India between September 2020 and July 2021. Here, they discussed in detail drug-free communities and the issues. In their village meetings and workshops, they also discussed in detail the WFAD, object and issues, drug prevention and harm reduction issues, basic human and democratic rights, peace, tolerance, equality, and justice issues. Overall, they strongly focus on sustainable activities and will continue to organise them.

Around 650 people from the village, including women and children, have been gathered in the six village meetings and workshops of 2020-2021. Together they discussed in detail the drug free and community development activities and took decisions on drug free communities and non-violent development activities for the community.

Contact person: Jambu Kumar Jain, Convener.

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