Talk the Child Back Home – RUDISHA MTOTO HOME

Our member, Talk to Save Youths, in Nakuru, Kenya, has initiated a programme called ‘Rudisha Mtoto Home’. Rudisha Mtoto Home means ‘take the child back home’. The purpose of the programme is to help curb the alarmingly growing number of street-connected children, who are as young as 8-years old. According to the research conducted by Talk to Save Youths, the street-connected children come from a home with either two parents, a single parent, or a caregiver. Due to unknown reasons, the children enter the streets and start engaging in risky behaviours, such as alcohol and drug misuse, criminal acts, and others. The organisation initiated a feeding programme, held twice a week, which helped the organisation to reach the kids, talk to them, and counsel them. This allows the children to open up about their specific backgrounds. Thereafter, Talk to Save Youths strategies and supports whether these children go back to their homes or help them to connect to children’s homes around.

Read more about the programme and other initiatives by the organisation here!

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