Village Meetings and Workshops by the Rural Development & Youth Training Institute

Our long-standing member, the Rural Development and Youth Training Institute in Kota, India organised three village meetings and workshops in the Rural areas of Kota between September 2022 and January 2023. The meetings and workshops highlighted detailed discussions about drug-free communities, issues, and the future strategy for the community in this regard. Additionally, other issues, such as the WFAD, objectives and issues regarding drug prevention, harm reduction, basic human and democratic rights, peace, tolerance, equity, and justice issues were discussed during the village meetings and workshops.

Around 750 people from the village, including women and children, attended the two village meetings and workshops of 2022-2023. They discussed drug-free communities and community development activities and took decisions on drug-free communities and non-violent development activities for the people within the community and village groups.

Rural Development & Youth Training Institute NGO

The Rural Development & Youth Training Institute in Kota, India, is a non-governmental and non-profit registered organisation with the government of India. It is extensively working in the field of community development activities, health education, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of people with a substance use disorder and works on raising awareness for prevention. Particularly for rural youths, women, and children groups. The organisation has been active since January 1984 in Kota, Rajasthan, India.

The team of the Rural Development & Youth Training Institute consists of young, energetic, and hard-working team members. The majority of the members of the executive/governing body of the organisation consist of youth training experts, including female experts. They work on the prevention of substance use through counselling, awareness campaigns, community intervention, and advocacy with local CBOs. They also coordinate together with rehabilitation organisations for effective treatment when in need.

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