WFAD-DRC Training of Trainers

Today  November 11th, 2020 WFAD-DRC closed the Training of Training run by Mr Paul Kogi Mburu from Nairobi, Kenya.

A group of 26 participants from NGO partners and WFAD-DRC Staff attended this instructional training related to drugs use prevention.

Day one on November 9th, 2020, highlighted the major actors and groups of interest in the field of drugs, their roles and influences in regards to drugs, alcohol and substance use.

Day 2 on November 10th 2020, was more intense as participants were taken through the definitions and classification of drugs, followed by statistics (regional and worldwide), history of drugs, street labels associated with drugs, myths and beliefs, emerging issues and trends, major causes, symptoms of abuse and the multi-dimensional effects of abuse (health, social, economic and political).

Day 3 on November 11th, 2020, there was a wrap up session with focus on the journey to addiction, overview of the options to treatment recovery and reintegration, lifeskills and values; and finally the essence of networking locally and internationally to combat the drug problem.

An assignment was given to the organizations to come with key points of approaches in school, family, government, community and civil society engagement and intervention.

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