East African Regional Network – First Regional Visit to Tanzania

Tuesday, February 9th 2021, the Chair of the East African regional network on Prevention and Treatment of Drugs and Alcohol, George Ochieng Odalo, and our East African Liaison Representative, Paul Mburu, travelled to Tanzania for the first visit within the scope of the Regional Network. Where they met their host, Michael of C-Sema organisation, at his office premise. It was a timely and well-deserved opportunity as he expressed. In Tanzania, several active partners are working with the target groups, children, youth, and women, within our field. Similar to the rest of the region, they have been facing similar challenges. One of them is the difficulties of members to hold reoccurring meetings for consultation, information sharing, and forward deliberations. The intended collaboration of the Network, with the coordination of WFAD and the Liaison office, is therefore of much help and will activate the spirit of teamwork among members.

One outstanding reality is the experiences of different organisations and how this can help other members, which calls for scheduled periodic experience sharing platforms. C-Sema, for instance, runs many children related initiatives, including the Child-line help centre as well as children led publications on their rights and other current affairs, which would be of much help to the rest of the region. 

Wednesday, February 10th 2021, the chair of our East African Network, George, Slum Child Foundation, went back to Nairobi, while our East African Liaison Representative, Paul headed to Northern Tanzania (Dodoma and Mwanza), to meet a few affiliated members recommended by Michael, before travelling back to Nairobi.

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