International Recovery Day 2021

September has been in light of Recovery Month celebrating everyone that has embarked on the journey of recovery while also giving hope to everyone that wants to support and/or enter the journey.

Every person is capable of recovery and we should respect their humanity. Therefore, do not destigmatise active drug use, instead, we should destigmatise the person. Recovery should be celebrated and those who are in recovery can be teachers to those wanting to recover and others in the field. By focussing on recovery, we take away the negative connotation that comes along with addiction and treatment and rather highlight the positive success stories. Through inspiration, information, realisation, permission, preparation and action, a gap between old and new behaviours can be created.  

Within recovery, aim to initiate recovery, sustain recovery and integrate into the community. The recovery community brings positive influence since they want to give back and hopefully many will be inspired. 

The recovery community has shared several messages on recovery to empower, give hope, and encourage recovery.

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