International Recovery Day Webinar – Recap

On September 29th, the International Recovery Day Webinar was held in collaboration with RUN and the WFAD Global Gender Committee. The webinar focused on celebrating recovery, showcasing that it is possible. The webinar was joined by Dr David Best, David Patton, and five incredible women, Tracey, Cecilia, Linda, Dot, and Katharina, from the UK, Sweden, and the Balkans.

The webinar was incredibly inspiring, empowering, and heartwarming. The introductions given by Dr David Best and Dr David Patton showcased that recovery research is growing but it is still rather, as phrased by Dr David Best, “bias in primarily male research”. Dr David Patton emphasised that “women don’t need empowerment. We already have power. We already have the strength, resilience, and courage to fight the systems that keep us from feeling like we don’t”.

Dr David Best highlighted that it is important to “have meaningful representation and emphasis”. Recovery is based on the intersection of CHIME (connections, hope, identity, meaning, and empowerment) and Recovery Capital. We need to continue to celebrate recovery and connect and create new social networks among each other, raising further awareness to challenge the general public and negative attitudes while changing people’s perceptions.

The second half of the webinar was dedicated to personal testimonials by 5 strong and inspiring women who shared their road of embarking on the recovery journey or the experiences they had with family members in addiction and finding their path in society. All 5 shared their ‘push and pull factor’ to recovery and that they faced bumps on their journey. No path is linear and the connections they gained in their journey were important.

We need to keep celebrating Recovery throughout the year, continue to raise awareness and build connections.

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