Nordic Summit on Cannabis – White Guide, Summary, and Recordings

On September 27th and 28th, 2021, together with Danske Cannabis Behandlare and Forbundet mot Rusgift, we organised the Nordic Summit on Cannabis. The Summit was held in a hybrid format. Participants from the Nordic Regions did attend in person and an online livestreaming was made available for everyone in the world. Various researchers and representatives from civil society took the stage to elaborate on their research results and expertise showcasing the effects and risk of Cannabis. The Nordic Summit provided facts counteracting the ‘innocence’ of Cannabis, which is often being used by the legalisation movement. We have to step away from myths and start looking at evidence-based facts.

The Nordic Summit first reflected on the cannabis discussions in the three different Nordic countries, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. These countries currently still have criminalised cannabis but do face discussions and movements that aim to legalise cannabis. The legalisation movement often looks only at one aspect and ignores the risks cannabis has. The summit showed well-established research and lessons learned from the states in the United States that have legalised. The research and these lessons cannot be ignored and should be advocated for while pushing the legalisation movement back.

White Guide

During the Summit, a White guide was disemminated. In this White Guide, our speakers elaborated on the facts in a concise matter. It includes research, reflections, and recommendations. The White Guide is a tool for the civil society to use in their work and to advocate with. It also is a document for policy makers to consider when designing new policies on the topic. Feel free to share the white guide among your network and use it. You can access it here


The Nordic Summit has been recorded. You can access the various presentations via the links in the following document. Here, all presentations are listed, including the link to the specific recording. You can also find the playlist with the various recordings here

Summary/Key Takeaways

A summary of key takeaways of the Summit was made, find it here. Several speakers have shared their slides. You will get access to their slides by clicking on the links connected to their names in the summary.


The pictures of the Summit can be found on our flickr page

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