Summary – Positive Learning Outcomes within Recovery Interventions During COVID-19

On January 20th, the joint webinar hosted by WFAD, EURAD, RUN, San Patrignano, Narcotics Anonymous, Projecto Hombre, and the European Federation Therapeutic Communities, has been of great success. We are thankful with the attendance and engagement of participants.

The webinar highlighted positive outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic by the recovery community and their learning outcomes. Five knowledgeable and experienced speakers from organisations around Europe shared their experiences and creative developments towards the continuation to support recovery for everyone, while also including the faced challenges.

For those that have not been able to attend, would like to reflect on the best-practices, and/or had some questions for the speakers, a summary of the webinar has now been published. Also, the fully recorded webinar is now available online!

Read the summary here

Watch the recorded webinar here

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