Summary: Webinar Recovery

On September 29, WFAD organised an exciting and interesting webinar highlighting the Recovery month. Our two speakers, Robert DuPont and Huseyin Djemil, emphasised the importance of focusing on ‘Recovery’ within the discussion around addiction and treatment. The webinar was moderated by Mulka Nisic.

A word from our president, Amy Ronshausen:

September is Recovery Month. A month that promotes the benefits of prevention, treatment, and recovery for substance use disorders; celebrates people in recovery; and promotes the message that recovery is possible. Recovery Month spreads the positive message that behavioural health is essential to overall health, that prevention works, treatment is effective, and people can and do recover. When we talk about recovery and lift these stories up, the general public gains a greater understanding of substance use disorders and that helps reduce the stigma that could prevent someone from taking the first steps in getting help.

Now more than ever it is important to understand and educate key stakeholders that the development of a substance use disorder is related to the relationship between a number of risk and protective factors that are often beyond the control of an individual. It is our job to enact policies that enhance life skills to and reduce risk factors and build up and enrich protective factors. Who better to engage in that advocacy work than the recovery community.

I want to end my welcome with a challenge. Let us make every month recovery month. Let us celebrate recovery and inspire others every day. Let us engage the recovery community in policy reform. Do not let your stories of hope end this month, continue to spread that message and be the light in a world that for many seem very dark at times. Remind them that recovery is real and attainable.

You can find the full summary of the webinar via the following link! Summary: Webinar Recovery (29/09/2020)

You can find the full recorded Webinar here

Below you will find an abstract of the summary to get a brief understanding of which important messages have been spread during the webinar by our speakers:

September is Recovery Month, a month to promote the benefits of prevention, treatment, and recovery for substance use disorders and highlight the fact that recovery is possible. During this webinar, the speakers Robert DuPont and Huseyin Djemil both spotlighted that we should focus on recovery besides addiction and treatment only. Recovery is contagious and can bring hope to others. Often, people in long-term recovery want to help others who want to recover. It is emphasised that recovery is difficult and can be messy for those entering and within the process, but this does not mean that it is not worth it. To be ‘ready’ for recovery, the person often has had a drastic (external) trigger. It takes time to get to and through recovery since recovery is though due to the hijacked brain by drugs. A brain ‘hijacked by drugs’ thinks drugs are needed. It does, however, not help long-term and is devastating for the user as well as his or her surroundings. Every person is capable of recovery and we should respect their humanity. Therefore, do not destigmatise the active drug use, instead, we should destigmatise the person. Recovery should be celebrated and those who are in recovery can be teachers to those wanting to recover and others in the field. By focussing on recovery, we take away the negative connotation that comes along with addiction and treatment and rather highlight the positive success stories. Through inspiration, information, realisation, permission, preparation and action, a gap between old and new behaviours can be created .

Access the speaker’s presentations below. 

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