WFAD needs member’s input!

At the 2020 Annual Congress of the WFAD, the WFAD 10-year Strategic Plan was adopted. The Strategic plan lays out two key focus areas for the coming ten years: The Rights of the Child and the particular issues of Women and Drug Abuse.

WFAD aims to offer different capacity strenghtening activities on the two areas, and a Gender Working Group has been set up to particularly focus on the issues faced by women within our field.

To plan interventions, support and capacity strenghtening, we ask our members to answer a questionaire which aims to map the needs and wishes of members in regards to the two topics.

The survey takes between 10-20 minutes to answer, the answers will be used to plan and implement actions. Access the survey here or download the WFAD Membership Survey and send your answers to .

We thank you for your input!

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