The 7th World Forum Against Drugs

On March 1st 2020, the 7th World Forum Against Drugs was held in Vienna, Austria. 

This year’s World Forum was hosted in connection to the 63rd Annual Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND), hosted by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and came about as a result of a strategic planning held prior to 2018’s CND. Members saw the need to come together and prepare so to have a joint voice during the CND. A working group consisting of 10 organisations from different areas of the world, working within different topics within the drug field, joined hands in planning the meeting. The date was set to Sunday, March 1st, the day before the inauguration of the 63rd CND.

The Forum focused on Youth and Children in particular and highlighted the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Human Rights, prevention, treatment and recovery of youth. 

In connection to the 7th World Forum, we invited all members to the Annual Congress which was also made available for online participation. 

The 6th World Forum Against Drugs

On May 14-15, 2018, we hosted the 6th World Forum Against Drugs to be held in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

You can find all the documentation, photos and more from the forum here: http://www.wfadecad2018.se/ 

Countries have worked together for over 100 years in order to prevent the problem of abuse of narcotic drugs. Much has been achieved by this but all the same millions of people in the world are addicted to drugs and much, much more can be done in the future to prevent young people from experimenting with illegal drugs and thus expose themselves to the risk of becoming addicted.

World Forum Against Drugs is a meeting place for people from all continents who are working to prevent drug abuse at grass-root, on a voluntary basis, professionally or as policy makers. The global forum is the only one of its kind where NGOs, self-help groups, treatment centres, scholars, local, regional and national authorities, politicians and other decision-makers, and others from around the world will meet to share ideas and experiences about the work against illicit drugs, based on a balanced and restrictive policy. 

The 6th Forum had three Focus areas; Prevention, Recovery and Control. 

The 6th Forum was held together with European Cities Against Drugs 25th Mayors Conference. This enabled us to do a bigger event, attract more people and also attract the best possible speakers. 

In connection with the 6th Forum we also invited all our members to the Congress of WFAD, on May 16, 2018.


The 4th World Forum Against Drugs


Over the years, the World Forum Against Drugs has gained in popularity and the 4th Forum took place in Stockholm, Sweden on May 19-20, 2014. The 4th Forum was held at the same time as the European Cities Against Drugs Mayors’ conference, resulting in an even bigger event with more participants and distinguished speakers. The coalition was a great manifestation for the UN conventions and against legalization of drugs. The three main themes at the Forum were:

• Cannabis and issues related to legalization of drugs, and potential consequences.

• Drug treatment and the criminal justice system working together.

• Issues concerning Gender-related differences and similarities.


The 3rd World Forum Against Drugs


The third Forum took place in Stockholm, Sweden in 2012. Over 300 people gathered from about 50 countries in the beautiful venues of Münchenbryggeriet in the center of Stockholm. The Forum was inaugurated by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden and a total of 58 speakers made presentations. The three main themes at the Forum were:

• Human rights and the right of the child to be protected from illicit drugs.

• Illicit drug use and trafficking problems of Latin America.

• Primary prevention and its role in drug policy.


The 2nd World forum Against Drugs


The second Forum took place in Stockholm, Sweden in 2010. Over 300 people gathered from well over 50 countries in Stockholm City Conference Center. 44 speakers made presentations at plenary sessions and special sessions. The three main themes at the Forum were:

• New research on cannabis

• The drug situation in subsaharan Africa

• Adult drug abuse and its influence on children


The 1st World Forum Against Drugs

The first Forum was held in Stockholm, Sweden in 2008 and was hosted by a group of Swedish anti-drug organisations. After the first Forum these organisations founded the World Federation Against Drugs, WFAD, which would come to be the host of the following Forums

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