Historic Global Addiction Recovery Event Draws Near – International Recovery Day

Article Send in by our member NCADD-MD commemorating the upcoming International Recovery Day. The whole month of September will be dedicated to Recovery, highlighting that Recovery is possible and that there is a big support, recognition, and respect for those recovering!

International Recovery Day – September 30, 2021 – Historic Global Addiction Recovery Event Draws Near

Key Monuments and Structures Around the World Will Illuminate in Purple on September 30th as Simulated Fireworks Fill the World’s Virtual Skies in Celebration of International Recovery Day.

September is National Recovery Month. The month of addiction-related recovery events will culminate with the world’s virtual skies lighting up in a bursting display of colourful fireworks as the collective faces & voices of the recovery movement stand united on a global scale.

A unique website in conjunction with a “Recovery Lights Around the World” event has been created to offer hope of recovery from addiction for individuals, families, and communities around the globe: International Recovery Day. By Bridging geographic barriers and time constraints through the use of the internet, International Recovery Day offers a unique way for all those in recovery from all addictions, and from all recovery pathways, to celebrate their recovery and show the world that people in active addiction can successfully recover and go on to lead productive lives. This virtual celebration is a free online event globally launched on September 30, 2021, at https://internationalrecoveryday.or. International Recovery Day has created a big tent and welcomes all to join in the celebration. Family, friends, loved ones and all supporters of recovery are invited to participate.

Registrants from North & South America, Africa, Asia, Europe & Australia anxiously await their opportunity to launch their own (virtual) Recovery Fireworks on 9/30/21. Beyond such standard recovery pathways as Alcoholics & Narcotics Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, and SMART Recovery participants have identified over 60 additional recovery pathways.

Recovery Lights Around the World represents yet another important component in the global celebration occurring on September 30th because numerous monuments, bridges, and other symbolic structures will become illuminated in purple – the colour representing the Recovery movement. There are currently over 100 structures around the world participating including such iconic structures as Niagara Falls, the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia, the Aloha Towers in Hawaii, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Calgary Towers in Alberta, Canada, and Vancouver City Hall in British Columbia. More information about the Recovery Lights Around the World project can be found at https://internationalrecoveryday.org/recovery-lights/.

For those with addiction, the risks of relapse, mental health problems, and suicide have been significantly compounded by the Coronavirus pandemic. John Winslow, founder of International Recovery Day, Inc. says this historic international event “reduces the stigma of addiction and serves as a global beacon of hope signifying that help is available and that people can and DO recover.”

About International Recovery Day, Inc.

International Recovery Day, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organisation dedicated to promoting recovery efforts worldwide. Our virtual community is free and open to all folks in (and supporting) recovery. For more information about International Recovery Day and Recovery Lights visit us at https://internationalrecoveryday.org

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