Launch of SYFES field activities


This Wednesday, November 25, 2020, our partner SYFES (Synergie des Femmes) launched field related activities in the municipalities of Selembao and Kinshasa in the presence of the Mayor of the Municipality of Selembao and the Representatives of the Mayor of the Municipality of Kinshasa. These activities are related to the identification and installation of clubs for the training of young ‘kulunas’ – the violent youth in Kinshasa- within the framework of the project ‘Sober Youth-Healthier Communities: Transforming the Violent Youth in Kinshasa’.


The violent youth identified will be trained and educated by our partners LPI and SYFES; thereafter Interactions and DASOD will take over in terms of empowerment and entrepreneurship activities.


This three-year project aims to help young people leave and prevent others from joining the violent street gangs in Kinshasa and is funded by the Swedish Cooperation -Sida through the Swedish Embassy in DRC ~ #swedenindrcongo, implemented under the leadership of #WFAD in collaboration with four NGO partners Living Peace Institute (LPI), INTERACTIONS RDC NGO, Dynamic for Solidarity and Actions (DASOD) and Synergie des femmes (SYFES)

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