Acting Through Art – Capacity Strengthening Training #3 – Reintegration

As part of the project, Acting Through Art: Offering Alternatives for Youth, various capacity-strengthening training seminars will be held for the staff of the Recourse Officer’s Office, Probation Agency, and the Referal Centre. On March 29th, the third seminar took place. The session was joined by Dandy Yela, Country Representative of the WFAD DRC Office. He shared highlights from the project ‘Sober Youth – Healthier Communities – Transforming violent youth of Kinshasa’, which is implemented in Kinshasa together with three local partner organisations. The main focus of the project, as well as the presentation, is to approach the reintegration process of former members of the criminal groups, also known as Kulunas, holistically through psychosocial support, mental support, vocational training, and empowerment activities, including income-generating activities as well as working with local and national authorities to ensure child-centric policies. Results of the projects as well as lessons learned in the process and regarding sustainable reintegration were shared. A Q&A opportunity allowed participants to engage in discussions, request elaboration, and exchange experiences.

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