CND Side Events

We are happy to announce that WFAD is co-hosting several side-events during the Commission on Narcotic Drugs of 2021. The CND will be held between April 14-16. All side-events are organised on an online platform this year due to COVID-19. On a positive note, this will give everyone the possibility to partake in several events at the CND!

All side-events, organised during the CND, can be found here. On this page, all side-events are listed, including the flyers with more information and the registration links.

Please Note: it is necessary to register for the side-events seperately via the provided registration link. After a successful registration, a zoom link will be send to you to enter the side-event online

Monday, April 12 between 13:10-14:00 CEST

This side-event will highlight best practices and positive learning outcomes experienced by organisations during the challenges from the past year.

Tuesday, April 13 between 10:00 and 10:50 am CEST

The main focus of this side-event is on building inclusion and reducing marginalisation and stigmatisation of women in recovery by promoting and celebrating recovery and making recovery visible.

Wednesday, April 14 between 10:00-10:50 am CEST

This side-event will highlight alcohol policies and workduring the pandemic. It will showcase the continues work and collaboration among [grassroot] organisations.

Thursday, April 15 between 10:00-10:50 am CEST

This side-event emphasises the need to focus on women’s need in strategies and policies and will offer an action plan for a way forward focussing on six different barriers faced by women in treatment while highlighting best practices.

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