Summary: Webinar on Asian Best-Practices in Treatment and Recovery Interventions

On Wednesday, March 31, IFNGO and WFAD organised a joint webinar on the Asian Best Practices in Treatment and Recovery Interventions. This 2-hour webinar has given a great insight into the region. Topics, such as the geographic developments, efforts of the various organisations, and their reflections, have been addressed.

We would like to use this opportunity to share the recorded webinar as well as the summary with you. The recorded webinar can be found here.

The summary can be found via the following link. It includes the several links used by our speakers and the specific times of the topics to direct you through the recording.

The order of the Speakers was as follows:

  • Karin Peters (UNODC)
  • Asia Ashraf (Peace INN), Pakistan
  • Iqbal Masud (DAM), Bangladesh
  • Jing Li (CADAPT), China
  • Abdul Karim (SANA), Singapore
  • Martin Infante (SELF), Philippines

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