Global Position Paper on Recovery – Call for your Signature

We would like to share the first-ever global consensus paper on recovery and extend the invitation by the research team, including Dr David Best, David Patton, Boro Goic, and Mulka Nisic, to disseminate and sign the Global Position Paper on Recovery (GPPR). The GPPR is an incredible outcome of an unprecedented collaborative effort by researchers, civil society organisations, institutions, individuals engaged in grassroots, etc. We were honoured to take part in the discussions also, representing WFAD and our members.

The shared goals of the collaborative efforts were to:

  • Facilitate a cohesive approach Contribute to the development of a unified approach and global position on addiction recovery.
  • Unite voices and raise awareness: Raise awareness about the significance of investing in recovery organisations and systems:
  • Commitment to work together to create an international platform for shared addiction recovery practices and policies.

The official launch of the paper is scheduled during the UN’s Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna this March. To promote the paper, showcase its importance, and ensure that it will be included in policy discussions on national, regional, and international levels, we strongly encourage you to sign the paper and disseminate it among your network to reach a global endorsement.

Your support is needed and we thank you in advance!

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