House of Representatives (USA) vote on Marijuana – WFAD Statement

The House of Representatives in the United States of America has voted on and passed the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act. This bill suggests to remove Marijuana as a federally controlled substance and facilitate the expungement of past conviction and tax cannabis productions at 5%. This bill has to be approved by the Senate in order to be implemented.

For over nine months, Congress has implored the American people to listen to the science when it comes to battling the COVID-19 virus. However, when it comes to legalizing marijuana, they turned a deaf ear to the science and the Surgeon General’s 2019 advisory concerning the serious health risks of marijuana.

I believe that we can and should have an honest conversation about alternatives to incarceration including those that link individuals suffering from addiction to supportive treatment and social services.  This proven approach has helped people in recovery, while reducing crime and recidivism.

Unfortunately, today’s House vote only underscores a willingness to put the wants of special interest groups ahead of the needs of the America people, whose communities and families are suffering as a result of the ongoing drug crisis that has been exacerbated by the pandemic.  While more than 20 million Americans reported to have a substance use disorder, today’s vote was a victory for an industry that profits off of addiction.

Amy Ronshousen, International President, WFAD

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