International AIDS Day Outreach

The East and Central Africa Network Liaison office planned and carried out an outreach on 1st December 2020, in commemoration of the World AIDS day.

Our main target focused on teenage mothers, together with those who are at risk of getting into the situation, especially due to the year-long closure of schools occasioned by the COVID 19 pandemic. This was done in the sprawling Eastlands slums of Nairobi, where 25 participants and four facilitators attended. There was an in-depth discussion about the triggers of young girls engaging in early sexual habits, including peer influences, coercion, favours, idleness, fun-seeking, stress relief, force among others. There were also deliberations on risks and consequences. There were suggestions put forward on how they can be supported to avoid recurrence among those who are already affected and those who are vulnerable. The participants were finally given carry homes including badges and masks with anti-domestic violence messages, sanitary pads and two packs of cooking flour. They were all very grateful for the opportunity to interact, be mentored and also promised to remain active in our future initiatives.

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