Invitation to SOLVE22 Conference – Frontliners of Transnational Organised Crime in Armed Conflicts

On December 16-17, 2022, ISCAN organises the SOLVE Conference 2022 (SOLVE22), which is dedicated to exploring the links between armed conflicts and transnational organised crime and the threats thereof to the overall peace and security agenda.

In recognition and celebration of the positive impact various stakeholders are making in response to transnational organized crime in armed conflicts, the SOLVE22 will serve as a forum to celebrate and showcase the extraordinary work of stakeholders engaged in tackling organized crime in armed conflicts in an effort to creating positive impact to global peace and security challenges. The final outcome of SOLVE22 will be a compilation of best and promising practices, and recommendations for further actions.

SOLVE22 will feature experts, practitioners and interested stakeholders from all sectors working or interested in making an impact in their communities and around the world on achieving peace and security.
SOLVE22 will take place online over two days and will be held in English.

Day One:
• High-level opening remarks, stressing the importance of actions and showcasing good examples of impactful projects.
• Workshops (see below) focusing on how to build on good practices and address existing challenges.
• Drafting of a SOLVE22 Declaration on the topic. The SOLVE22 Declaration will present a set of observations on transnational organized crime in armed conflicts and efforts to address them, as well as recommendations for further actions by various stakeholders.
Day Two:
• Workshops (continued)
• Adoption and presentation of the SOLVE22 Declaration
• Closing remarks

6 Workshops will be held, 1.5h each, of which participants can register for 2, max 3, workshops.

Register before December 12th!

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