Presentation of Board Members Nominees 2022-2024 by the Nomination Committee

This year, the biannual Congress of WFAD will be organised on June 14th. During the Congress, Members of WFAD will be updated on the activities over the past two years and take part in the voting procedures for the upcoming strategy, motions, and the board members for the next term. The Nomination Committee has gone through a thorough selection of candidates, including interviews, and would like to present their suggestions for the Board of 2022-2024. Hereby, we would like to share an introduction of the nominated board members to get to know them before the voting procedure on June 14th.

Find an introduction of the nominated board members here:

Are you a member of WFAD and would you like to join the Congress? Do sign up here! Please note, that all members, either individual or organisational, can join the Congress. However, only organisational members can appoint one representative who will vote on their behalf. Therefore, it is essential to sign up in order to be able to be part of the voting procedure.

Other reports that will be presented at the Congress are:

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