Published Research: Challenges and Prescriptions for Homeless Drug Users’ Social Reintegration

As part of the project Strengthening Social Support for Homeless Drug Users in Iran”, a collaborative research in Iran was conducted and Sage Journals published its results. The study is titled: Challenges and Prescriptions for Homeless Drug Users’ Social Reintegration; An Experience of Partnerships Between Iran and Europe NGOs.

The full Research can be accessed for free.


The research addressed challenges and prescriptions for the reintegration of homeless people who use drugs. Data were collected through conducting semi-structured interviews. Twenty-nine participants were recruited. The primary codes were extracted and divided into two main categories of challenges and prescriptions; the former included becoming homeless after long-term recovery, workplace stigma, service users’ different cultural backgrounds, dismissing the 12-Step Program, message fatigue, negative effect of relapse on groups and cyberspace overuse; and the latter included connection by hook or by crook, abstinence-harm reduction orientation, organizational service collection, pushing boundaries of interventions, and expanding services umbrella.

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