Recap – Webinar on Insights into Synthetic Drug Trends: Essential Knowledge for CSOs in Africa

On May 20th, we co-hosted the webinar “Insights into Synthetic Drug Trends: Essential Knowledge for CSOs in Africa”, together with UYDEL, DFAF, ISSUP, RUN, and UAPA.

The webinar was attended by 50+ civil society representatives. Four speakers shared presentations on:

  • Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Implementing Synthetic Drug Strategies – by Amy Ronshausen (DFAF)
  • Overview of Synthetic Drugs in Africa and Europe – by Cressida de Witte (WFAD)
  • The Global Position Paper on Recovery – by Mulka Nisic (RUN)
  • An Overview of the 67th CND of WFAD and Network – by Regina Mattsson (WFAD)

The webinar highlighted the risks of synthetic drugs and the global increase in supply and demand while sharing evidence-based best practices and strategies to counteract the developments and reduce the risks. It also focused on the Global Position Paper on Recovery – a collaborative effort, bringing together civil society organisations, non-governmental organisations, institutions, researchers, and individuals engaged in grassroots, national, regional, and global initiatives who have signed this paper, and who now form the Recovery Science and Practice Collaborative (RSPC) committed to advancing the science, practice and policy of addiction recovery. Finally, an overview of the 67th Commission on Narcotic Drugs, held between March 18-22, and the activities organised and participated in by WFAD and its network, such as the various side-events and the official publication of the Declaration of Oviedo – Global Initiative on Drug Use Prevention.

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