Register for: Children Matter – Right to a Drug-Free Childhood International Forum – November 16-18th

For the very first time, an International Forum exclusively for the matter of children is happening in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. Here, the world is coming together to find solutions to one of the main threats to the future of our children; the growing trend of narcotics and substance use. This International Forum is of high essence and is an advocacy platform for a drug-free childhood because CHILDREN MATTER!

We are proud to be part of the joint effort with the Fourth Wave Foundation and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). As organisers, we warmly welcome you to register to attend the event in person.

When: November 16th until 18th
Where: Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Why: To highlight the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, with a specific focus on Article 33, to establish the need to create substance-free environments for children around the world while advocating the relevance of primary prevention in national drug policies to protect children.

The International Forum is open for all participants on the first two days of the conference and will include a variety of national and international speakers, who are experts in the field of children’s rights, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery.

The Forum will be a platform for civil society members, policymakers, national and state commissions on child rights, government representatives, prevention, treatment, and recovery professionals, and youth leaders from various nations. Together, we will work towards practical and region-specific solutions to protect the rights of children in an increasingly challenging global environment.

*Please note that due to visa regulations and restrictions, it will be nearly impossible to receive visa clearance for those from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Sudan. We are looking into possibilities to live streaming the Forum for those that are unfortunately not able to attend in person due to this.

Partial Sponsorship

We are happy to share that we can to provide you with a partial sponsorship, which includes free accommodation between November 15th and November 18th and food offered at the Forum, leaving only the flight costs to be covered by oneself. There is no participation fee to attend the Forum. You are welcome to contribute with a voluntary participation fee, which will be used to support more participants to join.

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