Summary – Strength-Based Approaches to Overcoming Stigma around Addiction and Recovery

On July 15th, RUN organised a webinar on Strength-Based Approaches to Overcoming Stigma around Addiction and Recovery. RUN is a network of NGOs working towards promoting approaches to the drug problem that emphasise the importance of Recovery. Membership of the network is free! You can apply to become a member by sending them an email.

In total, 4 knowledgeable speakers delved into the topic of stigma around addiction and recovery and the effect stigma has on those wanting to recover and those in recovery. It socially excludes and discriminates. Stigma is not only perceived externally but also exists internally and among the recovery community. Rather than trying to overcome stigma, it is important to navigate through it. Therefore, it is essential to share the personal stories of addiction and recovery, to create an understanding that recovery is possible, opening up to social capital, and educate. Lastly, words need to be reconsidered since they matter in the public’s perception of someone in recovery as well as for the one wanting to recover/in recovery.

Read the full summary here!

The webinar has also been recorded. View the webinar here!

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