Summary – WFAD and Carlton Hall LLC Prevention Webinar Series

Throughout September till November 2021, we successfully organised the 5-fold Prevention Webinar Series together with Carlton Hall Consulting LLC. Every other week, an aspect of Prevention was highlighted and discussed by experienced keynote speakers and panellists in the field.

Each webinar was interactive and elaborated on discussions suiting the topic. The webinar series showcased that prevention is a necessity and an art that has to be crafted in every aspect possible. Science has proven that evidence-based prevention work works and established safe environments for children to grow up into a drug-free adulthood.

The various webinars have been recorded and summarised. Each webinar can be accessed seperately below.

Webinar I: Foundation of Prevention Through Prevention Science

Prevention is an important field and has seen a 30-year long revolution, but has only been integrated recently. It is gaining more momentum now but is still often neglected. More often than not, treatment receives most of the attention from policymakers and receives funds. However, prevention is significant and necessary in reducing demand and provide a safe developing environment for children and adolescents. To implement the strength of prevention, policymakers need to step onboard [through lobbying] and prevention workers need to be trained to become prevention specialists.

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Webinar II: Research and Policy of Prevention

Successes of prevention science translated into policy were highlighted since it is not often reflected upon. Challenges and possiblities to move forward in the future also were showcased. The use of science in policy is promoted, especially around a safe development of youth to grow into healthy adults. Successes will in the future hopefully overshadow the challenges that are currently faced. Leading to more [political] support to evidence-based prevention practices.

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Webinar III - Practitioners of Prevention (best-practices)

International Conventions need to be adhered to. Care and protection should be provided and evidence-based prevention intervention has to be carried out before there is a need for treatment. The benefits of prevention in the context of low/limited resource setting needs to be addressed. There is a benefit of working with young adults in schools, playgrounds, communities, and homes. Prevention really works and support and funding should be provided.

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Webinar IV - Gender-Based Violence Prevention Approaches

Gender-based violence (GBV) means that the acts inflicts physical, mental, or sexual harm, suffering, threats, or coercion and deprivations of liberty. It can also be termed as an act done to someone against their will as a result of gender norms and uequal power relationships. GBV often involves crimes of power intending to degrade, humiliate, and subjugate victims. GBV survivors need to be supported and shown fundamental respect for their wishes, rights, and dignity while ensuring confidentiality, safety, and security. At the same time, governments need to take part in creating societal change by providing prevention measures.

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Webinar V - Marijuana Prevention

Marijuana evidence-based prevention interventions and mechanisms are necessary in a world where the big marijuana industry is pushing for legalisation. They are targeting youth to consume while the potency of the drug has increased immensely, which increased negative health effects are yet unknown. However, it is already proven that drug addiction in adulthood starts in adolescence and that marijuana use in adolescence leads to many long-term negative health effects. Therefore, advocacy and talking to the youth remains necessary to make people aware of the evidence-based facts.

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