Webinar Nils Bejerot 100 years – September 21st 2021

The Swedish Carnegie Institute and the Swedish Association for Drug-Free Society (RNS) organise a webinar commemorating Nils Bejerot his birth date 100 years ago. He has played a significant role in the Swedish Drug Policy. The webinar is organised between 09:45 and 15:30.

This webinar will reflect on Nils Bejerot his role in the Swedish Drug Policy, how he has sparked the debate, and how his work still matters today when acting against the anti-drug problem.

The speakers listed below will be speaking during the webinar. The webinar is mainly held in Swedish, the contribution by Robert L. DuPont will be in English.

  • Kerstin Käll – Klassificering av Drogmissbruk (Classification of drug abuse)
  • Jonas Hartelius – FN-Konventionerna (UN conventions)
  • Ulric Hermansson – Tidigt ingripande och vårdinsatser (Early intervention and care interventions)
  • Peter Moilanen – Dagens konfliklinjer i narkotikadebatten (Today’s lines of conflict in the drug debate)
  • Anders SUndelin – Hur narkotikamissbruk sprids (How drug abuse is spread)
  • Linda Nilsson – Den internationella narkotikadebatten (The international drug debate)
  • Staffan Hübinette – Narkotikafri skola (Drug-free schools)
  • Robert L. DuPont – Bejerot och Lindesmith – har de något att säga idag? (Bejerot and Lindesmith – do they have anything to say today) – English

Registration can be done till September 15th latest! You can send an email to to register and receive the Zoom link

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